My Story

Is it time to uncover your true life’s purpose?

You see, I believe that FATE creates events to ensure we uncover our true potential during this lifetime.

It is then up to us to decide whether we are going to play the victim or use these events to learn valuable lessons to live our best life.

Do you often feel like no matter how hard you try, how much you earn or how much you go without, you just can’t seem to get ahead in life?

Chances are, like many others you feel like a failure when it comes to Love, Life, Money and Relationships.

Good news is, you’re not alone. In a society filled with happy social media pics, so many of us are really just pretending that we have our shit together. Fearing we will be shamed or judged if we dare to show our true selves. And I used to be no different.

My Story

Hello, I’m Leisa

I used to think my story started 10 years ago when the life I had planned came completely undone during a divorce that I never saw coming.

But in reality, it started much earlier than that, I just didn’t realise it at the time.

You see, growing up, I had an everyday normal family upbringing.

I didn’t suffer at the hands of any kind of abuse, drugs, drinking or tragic circumstances you hear about too often these days. No, mine was happy and easy going. That was until I received a phone call that would change the course of my life, FOREVER.

On the other end of that phone call was my mother telling me my older brother had just been in a serious accident and I had to get home immediately. The next few hours, days, weeks and months were a complete blur as we came to terms with the devastating loss of my brother. He was just 21.

I was 18 at the time and had no idea that this fated life event would become even more significant 27 years later in the middle of a global pandemic called COVID 19.

If I thought my shitty divorce spanning 10 years, 4 tribunals, 2 court appearances and a very large legal bill was bad, I was about to learn “I ain’t seen nothing yet”.

In the middle of this pandemic, just as multiple nations were shutting down their economies and I nervously watched the stock market go into free-fall (after all, I am a Financial Adviser) I received another phone call that would again, significantly alter the course of my life.

While everyone was scrambling to come to terms with how they were going to support themselves, I was scrambling to come to terms with “How do we get through this again”?

You see, in the middle of a nationwide lockdown with major travel restrictions and severe limitations on human to human contact, I am dealt the devastating blow of learning my younger brother has just passed away. As a mother myself, I cannot imagine just how hard it must be to lose a child, let alone two and with a surreal feeling of déjà vu I watched the light extinguished from my parents’
eyes, again.

So, there I was, full-time single mother of two, business owner (now home schooler) and middle child turned only child wondering “How the hell did I get here and what do I do now?”.

Funnily enough, the only thing I was not worried about during all this chaos was my financial stability. While the nation was panicking about the almighty dollar, I was calm and serene.

You see, less than 12 months earlier, I’d had my emotional and financial stability rocked by different life event so really, COVID was really like an encore continuing after a main event. And just like I did all those months ago, I went deep inside to sit with the pain and work out “Why is this happening FOR me” rather than complaining that it was happening TO me.

As a kid my mum always told me I had my life planned out 20 years in advance. But at 18 I quickly learned that Life is never going to go the way we had planned.

We can choose to let life lead us where it wants us to go, or we can learn to take back control.

For when you learn to harness the power of your own life, those fated events that cross our path, well they are just another opportunity to create your own destiny.

Are you going to play the Victim or are you going to learn how to become the VICTOR. 

“Empowering you to invest in yourself with possibility”


Leisa Q

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