Beginners Financial Freedom

An online program to change your relationship with money and give you a future of financial freedom!

Stop living with the shame of the past,

instead move forward to a brighter future!

What is covered in the program 

Module 1 - Awareness

You can’t move forward if you don’t be really honest about exactly where you are and where it is you want to go. We start by creating a plan.

Module 2 - Money Language

How you talk about money and your relationship with it will in fact dictate how it shows up in your life. Let’s start using positive Money Language.

Module 3 - Set your goals

Desiring Financial Freedom isn’t enough, you need to set smart goals and work towards achieving them. We look at what goals are going to be right for you.

Module 4 - Watch thy spendinG

So much of our spending is more subconscious than we realise. It’s time to look CLOSELY at where your money is going and plug the money leaks.

Module 5 - Stay on Track

Getting on track is one thing but I want to make sure you STAY THERE so you’ll end your program with tools of how to do just that.

What past participants have to say.


Very informative, with some practical strategies, thank you.
Karen A

Leisa’s program showed me how to make small changes that can have a difference to my bottom line – being aware of my finances and budgeting.
Christine N

So much valuable information! Makes me excited to get more in control of my financial situation.
Shannon T

If you have ever doubted your direction or future when it comes to Finances & Debt, this will give you clarity.
Mick R

I left feeling like I had a path I could get on to become financially fit.
Bernadette G