Our mission is simple:

Empower You to take back control of your finances and your future.

Our Packages

Our philosophy at LeisaQ is that clients are guided to me when they need me the most.  This is often after a few false starts trying to go it alone, but if you’ve found your way to my Services Page, chances are, you’re here for a reason.  All our services and programs are designed to get you back on track and living the life you deserve.  Our mission is simple, Empower You to take back control of your finances and your future.  We’ve structured everything so you get to choose just how much or how little hand-holding you think you need.

Ruby Red Package

Enthusiasts of Self Help will love immersing themselves in this online package of financial empowerment. With everything, Leisa could imagine to bundle in a magnificent journey of self-development when applied to your financial success.

The Ruby Red Package has been carefully crafted to excite and empower you to design your ideal financial success for many years to come.

The well-formulated lessons guide you effortlessly in understanding the necessary steps without the overwhelming feeling of it being all too much. Leisa having been a successful Financial Planner for years discovered the missing link in her client’s success was in the teaching she found herself immersed in during discussion periods.

With the desire to empower each and every one of her clients Leisa decided to put together all of her best teachings into one package and make it available to all that wished to move forward towards financial freedom. With the level of support that is offered during this package, it will leave you feeling safe and secure in the knowing that you have access to the knowledge of your very own Financial Planner.

The Ruby Red Package is a fraction of what you might spend seeking advice, acquiring books, researching and more. It does require you to take massive action and while you have the support, the ownership of making it happen is yours. This package can be coupled with a Live Training if you are concerned that you may not fully understand the material. Simply enquire about the Ruby Red Plus Package with our team at

Empower yourself and achieve your success, with the knowledge and the support of an expert today.

Blue Sapphire Package

Blue Sapphire Package is the package that leads you back to the centre of your financial issues whilst offering you every success in leading you to your true divine birthright of financial freedom and success. This package is the first of it’s kind to give you in-depth and prolonged access to your very own financial planner without entering into a financial plan as such.

You Will Receive:

  • 6 x Fortnightly Coaching Sessions with Leisa Q herself.
  • Lifetime Access to the online content of Financially Free Money Mindset Program that alone has saved 10s of 1000s of dollars for those who have taken the course.
  • Weekly Action Tasks to implement and integrate the training you are taking part in.
  • 3 Months Access to the Online Support Community

This package is limited to only 5 available in any given year. Leisa is about quality and not quantity when it comes to her students and their financial futures. Simply enquire about the Blue Sapphire Package with our team at

Pink Diamond Package

The Pink Diamond Package is one that give you clarity of mind, finances and future. You will have a glimmering jewel in front of you once you have completed every part of this package. This is ensuring your future success when taking part in this package.  Leisa is renowned for her success in the Financial Planning Industry and the success of her clients.

In This Package You Will Receive:

  • Personalised Financial Plan that is specific to your financial circumstances
  • Lifetime access to Financially Free Money Mindset Program
  • Weekly Instructional Videos
  • Actionable Worksheets to implement each step necessary whilst avoiding any sort of overwhelm
  • *3 Months Access to the Online Support Community

This package is what other Financial Planners are missing. This is about empowering you with your financial success with an absolute road map on how you get there and when.  You will save yourself thousands of dollars each and every year and know exactly what to do to create a better life for yourself.  This package is priced at only a fraction of the savings among other things that you will earn, save, invest and magically find. Simply enquire about the Pink Diamond Package with our team at

Purple Ametrine Package

The MOST Extravagant Financial Dreams could truly be yours. Imagine a world where instead of spending endless hours reading books, doing short courses and researching everything you possibly can to build your wealth, that it was ALL right in one enlightening package.

Leisa is here to empower you by sharing every tool you need to succeed, while she holds your hand to coach you through the highs and lows of any implementation process. You will be truly blown away by the varied levels of support you receive when taking part in the amazing Purple Ametrine Package.

With extended support to ensure the success of your big dreams, Leisa shares every level of her planning, coaching and training courses with you. There aren’t many people or couples that Leisa offers this life-changing package to, simply because not everyone has what it takes to action this level of knowledge in such a condensed time frame. If you are one of the few movers and shakers among us and you want massive change yesterday, this package is for you. This is an application ONLY package with extremely limited spaces per year.

Simply enquire about the Purple Ametrine Package with our team at

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