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A few years ago, my whole world came crashing down around me when my marriage broke down, leaving me to care full-time for my two young boys and rapidly think about how I was going to support them moving forward. My first thought after the initial shock was to go back to university and finish the degree I had quit 20 years earlier.

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Do you live in constant stress and strain about money? Are you looking for a life of freedom where these struggles become a memory? 



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Our philosophy at LeisaQ is that clients are guided to me when they need me the most.  This is often after a few false starts trying to go it alone, but if you’ve found your way to me, chances are, you’re here for a reason.  All our services and programs are designed to get you back on track and living the life you deserve.  Our mission is simple, Empower You to take back control of your finances and your future.  We’ve structured everything so you get to choose just how much or how little hand-holding you think you need.

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“Empowering you to take back control of your finances and create a life of Freedom”


“You can't change what''s going on around you until you change what''s going on within you” -Zig Ziglar