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Sometimes life throws us curve balls we just never saw coming. Maybe a marriage breakdown, terminal illness, unexpected death or loss of our job security. But each time we dust ourselves off and keep moving because that’s what society tells us we have to do.

But one day when we’ve had one too many hard knocks, we wake up and think “How the hell
did I get here!?”

I’m here to tell you that wherever you are right now, wherever you’ve been, there is always
a way back to live the life you deserve and desire.

Do you live in a world of stress and worry?

Do money problems just compound these issues?

What would it mean to feel in complete control of your money and your life?



Ready to change your life?

My philosophy at LeisaQ is that clients are guided to me when they need me the most, often after a few false starts trying to go it alone.

But if you’ve found your way to me, chances are, you’re here for a reason and I look forward to meeting you.

Our purpose-built education and coaching programs and services are designed to help you embrace your future with confidence. They say money is the root of all evil but at LeisaQ we say money is the root of all new beginnings.

Our mission is simple: “Empower you to invest in yourself with possibility, creating positive change for the highest privilege of living the life you deserve”.

“Empowering you to invest in yourself with possibility”


Leisa Q

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