I crossed paths with Leisa a few years ago now at a charity event and I am so thankful I did!

At the time, my husband and I were struggling both financially and emotionally in our marriage when we really had no excuses to be. My husband worked away 8 weeks at a time earning amazing money, but we were just living beyond our means and barely scraping by with two kids. This was putting pressure on our marriage.

We found Leisa at the right time. Her expert advice, guidance and tools had us on track and working towards financial freedom. We put the right insurances in place and being in our 30’s were really working towards a bright future. Leisa mended our marriage, and had us working as a team, excited for what was ahead.

Tragically, two years after working with Leisa, my husband passed away. I’m forever grateful for Leisa’s help and guidance through this awful time. Having lost her brother 6 months prior, she knew the exact steps we needed to take when I could barely function facing a future on my own with two small children.

Months on Leisa reached out to help me spiritually using timeline therapy and hypnosis techniques to guide me through my deep anger and grief at the situation I was facing, focusing on rebuilding a life without my soul mate.

Leisa helped me so much through the darkest time of my life that I believe she’s the reason 18 months on that I am happy, strong, resilient, and grateful for the life I have.

I even asked Leisa to speak to my clients in the fitness industry—she had made such a positive impact. She chatted with my team about hypnosis, setting smart goals and intentions.

Thank you for everything Leisa. I am truly appreciative of you & everything you have done for my family. ❤️

Alli A

I came to Leisa last year for a Breakthrough Package regarding my career and growing my business. I had so much fear and many limiting beliefs and decisions that were keeping me stuck.

Well the changes in me after the sessions with Leisa have been absolutely life-changing!

I have now expanded my business to incorporate new modalities I’ve studied. The concerns about all the ‘what if’s’ that pop up just no longer have the emotional charge they used to; hence I am now moving forward and so excited for what’s to come. I have also left all of my paid employment now, and am working only in my wellness business.

I could have only dreamed of this before my sessions with Leisa and never really believed it was something I could do.

Leisa’s professional, passionate and knowledgeable approach to her work made me realise I was in the safest of hands. Her absolute belief in me and that I could achieve everything I dreamed of kept me accountable and believing in myself as much as Leisa believed in me.

I would highly recommend Leisa for anybody who would like to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Linda S.A.

Leisa thanks so much! Solid advice delivered in kindness. I came away feeling listened to, empowered and hopeful for the days ahead. I feel great referring those I love to you too! Positive environment, no judgement, very helpful information and opportunity for follow up. Was able to ask questions and have a better idea about realistic goals for my life.

Judy F

The information in this session was all very useful and relevant as well as easy to understand. I feel empowered with the knowledge to create productive changes and achieve more of my long term goals.

Lauren D

Leisa was very professional and welcoming. It was a great atmosphere to learn in.

Anthony V

I highly recommend Leisa to anyone struggling in life! Beyond helpful and goes the extra mile! Such a good vibe and I left feeling 110% happy!

Paige E

Leisa was so approachable and natural with our group. Because of her personal experience and qualifications, her advice is relevant and able to be achieved. I will be implementing quite a few things that I learnt from today immediately.

Natasha A

Loved Leisa Q’s workshop, highly informative and wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to working with you in the future Leisa Q.

Zinnia K

I have only been with Leisa for a couple of weeks now, but from the very first sit down appointment, I felt really comfortable and related well to her. I understood her methods and terminologies easily—which for me is half the battle; “understanding”. Thanks heaps Leisa.

Ben A

Leisa provides practical advice that can be used in your own day to day life. Her approach is “tried and tested”, but most importantly, she is relatable. The workshop is insightful and practical.

Leona B