Financial Planning

I met Leisa after attending one of her information sessions and organised a time to discuss my current and future financial affairs. Right from the start, I felt comfortable and at ease with Leisa. She provided information on options and explained things in a down to earth way. I will be engaging Leisa for all future financial areas as I trust and value her sound professional advice. Thank you Leisa.

Loretta K

Leisa is fantastic! She used real life experiences to help guide me through my recent separation with the best outcome for my children in mind. With her love for personal development, she has also equipped me with some valuable life skills. I recommend anyone going through a separation should have a discussion with her as she adds value to every situation.

Darcy B

Highly recommend Leisa to anyone struggling in life! Beyond helpful and goes the extra mile! Such a good vibe and I left feeling 110% happy!

Paige E

After attending one of Leisa’s seminars I sought out her advice to get my finances into shape and plan for my future retirement. I actually thought I may have left my run too late at age 55, but with Leisa’s advice and implementing the changes that she suggested, I am now on track to have a comfortable retirement. I can’t thank Leisa enough for her professionalism and knowledge. She is always available anytime that I may have a question or need more advice. I have recommended her to all my friends so that they may too benefit from her services.

Anne M

Leisa is truly amazing! Even though I went to Leisa for financial advice the knowledge that she gave me far exceeded just my finances. I feel like she has really helped me develop personally and given me the confidence to know that I can do whatever I set my mind to! Thank you Leisa I am very grateful.

Jessica N

I first went to Leisa when my ex-partner began negotiations over our children and property matters. I felt my ex-partner was being unrealistic and it was Leisa who helped me look at things objectively and come up with a game plan on how to move forward in the shortest amount of time possible. I felt comfortable going to Leisa for help because she had gone through it herself and was able to guide me in the right direction which effectively reduced my costs and resulted in a favourable outcome.

Sacha V

Financially Fit  Money Bootcamp

I loved that Leisa’s workshop was holistic and practical in nature. I also loved that instead of being told “You must do this,” you instead are empowered to make your own decisions and take back your power over the financial aspect of your life. I feel like I have been given the building blocks to build my successful financial future.
Tanika O

The information in this session was all very useful and relevant as well as easy to understand. I feel empowered with the knowledge to create productive changes and achieve more of my long term goals.

Lauren D

I love that Leisa has set up Financially Fit Single Mums to assist women through the minefield of separating. Not only the daunting financial side of the situation but also the emotional side. Her advice is practical, no-nonsense and constructive. Highly recommend Leisa to anyone with this situation.

Brooke H

Great to participate in this seminar, information was high quality. I will be recommending this seminar and other ones to friends.

Melinda G

What a great way to be inspired about setting budgets and growing your money. A personal and friendly workshop with many tips to help you find your ‘financial serenity’. No question was overlooked by Leisa. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get started.

Anita S

Leisa thanks so much! Solid advice delivered in kindness. I came away feeling listened to, empowered and hopeful for the days ahead. I feel great referring those I love to you too! Positive environment, no judgement, very helpful information and opportunity for follow up. Was able to ask questions and have a better idea about realistic goals for my life.

Judy F

Beginner’s Financial Freedom Workshop

Very informative, with some practical strategies, thank you.
Karen A

Leisa’s workshop showed me how to make small changes that can have a difference to my bottom line – being aware of my finances and budgeting.
Christine N

I found Leisa to be very informative and interesting, as I am an older person she was very helpful and started me on the right track to Financial Freedom.
Sharron B

I left feeling like I had a path I could get on to become financially fit.

Bernadette G

Leisa’s seminar was great to listen to. Simple, practical, easy to implement advice for women at whatever stage of their life.
Rita Z

If you have ever doubted your direction or future when it comes to Finances & Debt, spend a few hours with Leisa for clarity.
Mick R

Leisa presents a positive, well informed session on how to begin your financial freedom. She uses her real life experiences, to explain processes in simple easy to understand steps.

Carmella P

So much valuable information! Makes me excited to get more in control of my financial situation.
Shannon T

Understanding where I can improve and the steps I need to go further.
Jess H

I found the workshop really informative and helpful. Also great to be in a room of similarly minded women.

Lauren T

Leisa was so approachable and natural with our group. Because of her personal experience and qualifications, her advice is relevant and able to be achieved. I will be implementing quite a few things that I learnt from today immediately.
Natasha A

Loved Leisa Q’s workshop, highly informative and wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to working with you in the future Leisa Q.
Zinnia K

I really enjoyed Leisa’s workshop. It was fun, informative & I started thinking about my finances in a different way. I loved how Leisa interacted with the audience & allowed us to do the same, as well as ask questions throughout the workshop. I look forward to the next one!


Knowing you are not the only one as a woman not having finances in order is making make a step towards sorting things out. I have started the very next day to get things in order.


Financially Free Money Mindset Workshop

This workshop opened my eyes to the areas I was actually succeeding in and that confidence makes me aware that I can change the areas that need work. Thank you Leisa! Your compassionate approach to finance is affirming and gracious.
Laura Y

Have only been with Leisa for a couple of weeks now, but from the very first sit down appointment felt really comfortable and related and understood her methods and terminologies, easily what for me is half the battle “understanding”. Thanks heaps Leisa.
Ben A

Leisa provides practical advice that can be used in your own day to day life. Her approach is “tried and tested”, but most importantly, she is relatable. The workshop is insightful and practical.
Leona B

Leisa was very professional, very welcoming, great atmosphere to learn in.

Anthony V

We’ve only been with Leisa for a week and already feel the positive effects in our life. Instead of over spending we’re saying “no we don’t have $ for that this week.” I finally feel like we’re on the path to Financial Freedom, sorting our super and paying off debts, and Leisa makes it fun and interesting along the way.
Allison A

I found this workshop to be a beneficial starting point to change my financial situation and my mindset on money.
Christine M

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