How often do you hear yourself say, “I can’t afford that?” or “sorry I can’t make it, I don’t have the money right now?”

Recently I was invited to an impromptu girls’ weekend to Melbourne and within 24hrs five of my closest friends had booked their flights and were busily organising the weekend.  I hesitated, not because I didn’t have the money, but the money I did have was earmarked for an overseas trip I am taking with my boys next year and it was my boys last weekend before heading off to their dads for the school holidays.

So here in lay two moral dilemmas, the first, as a mother to get over the guilt of spending money set aside for the family, the second, the guilt of not spending time with my boys before they go to their dads.

It wasn’t until one of the girls told me it only cost them $70 using frequent flyer points that I seriously started formulating in my head a strategy to make this trip happen.

The desire to go was starting to get pretty strong for a number of reasons:

  • It’s been a hard and massive year, starting out with rebuilding after the devastating floods that hit Townsville
  • I was burned out by May and knew I haven’t taken enough time to rest and recover
  • I have my boys 44 weekends a year so why am I feeling guilty
  • I had enough frequent flyer points to burn
  • My overseas trip is eight months away, giving me plenty of time to replenish the coffers

But the biggest reason was, I had put out to the Universe this year that I wanted to do a girls’ trip to Melbourne and here was the Universe was handing it to me on a silver platter so who am I to deny the Universe.

And what a weekend it was. 

I had decided I was going to channel my 19 year old flirty self of old, you know, the one before kids, marriage and divorce.  The one who knew how to have fun without the worry, stress and responsibility of real life.  The one who once met a guy in a bar and within 3 hours was taking a road trip to Cairns for the weekend (still can’t believe I did that and so glad my Mum never knew about it).  And oh boy, did she come out, in a big way. 

So off to Melbourne we went.  From the time we arrived until the time we left we laughed so hard my jaw started to ache.  We shopped up a storm, swapped clothes and shoes, helped each other with our make-up, it truly was like a massive girls slumber party.  We were all vibing so high and boy did other people notice.  Everywhere we went we had random men and women come up to talk to us, compliment us and just hang out with us.  I remember thinking, no amount of money could ever replace the amazing memories we were creating.

What I had forgotten though, was my 19 year old self also used to do ‘dawnies’ most weekends and getting home as the sun was rising wasn’t something I had thought of but obviously my inner child had.

48 hrs later, I have arrived back home, sleep deprived, suitcase full and a camera full of memories that money cannot buy.  I feel like I am vibing so high right now I could tackle the world (after I get about 24 hrs sleep that is).

There is even talk of making this a regular event and when I look back at all the money I have spent in the past on counselling post divorce to make myself feel whole again, a girls trip every few months sounds like a much better (not to mention cheaper and enjoyable) plan. 

So next time you catch yourself turning down an opportunity to enjoy living life, stop and think about how you can still enjoy freedom and life-style without breaking the bank.

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Until next time

Love and gratitude