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Ever wondered what happens
at the intersection of
love and money?

As a woman, you will go through many stages of life. Some exciting, others frightening, but one thing is for sure.  At every stage, you will be making decisions that affect your emotional and financial health.  In the middle of all those decisions will be YOU.

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What Stage of Life Are You In Right Now?

Student Starter 320.png

Student Builder

I may not be earning much now, but want to know what small steps I can take to ensure my financial future.

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Career Builder

I am in the beginning stages of my career and want to know what should I be doing to ensure I'll always have my own money, regardless of my relationship status.

Family Starter 320.png

Family Builder

I'm enjoying time with my kids but the budget's stretched tight since I gave up fulltime work and I'd love to know where we can be cutting costs so that I don't miss out on raising my kids.

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Life Re-Builder

I had my financial security rocked by a relationship breakdown and now I'm wondering will I ever get back on my feet enough to comfortably retire.

Wealth Builder 320.png

Wealth Builder

The kids are almost off my hands (or flown the coup) and now it's time to turbo charge my financial security. I'm not quite sure where to start and a little scared in case I get it wrong.

Retirement Builder 320.png

Retirement Builder

It's been a good life and while I may have a little savings, I often wonder, is it enough. Is it too late for me to secure an even better, brighter, more comfortable retirement?


Imagine Life...

Where You Can Achieve:

Emotional Fulfilment
Lifestyle Choices
Financial Security

Where it's all about YOU and what YOU need to live a life YOU love.

Where you can access REAL help from REAL people in REAL time.


Author, Speaker, Coach

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Newly Released 20th June 2024

Standing on the water's edge earlier this year, I openly declared I was ready to write my next book.  Less than 24hrs later, I received an invitation from the beautiful Nicolette Halladay at Inspired Hearts Publishing inviting me to join the Sacred Self project. 


As part of this project, I am excited to share two powerful rituals that formed part of my healing journey that allows me to serve others today. The first is centred around Gratitude and the other focused on Self-Love and Self-Care.


I feel blessed once again to be sharing this journey with 16 other amazing women from around the globe who together know we can touch the hearts and minds of the greater collective. 🌟✨

"Self Love is Not Selfish, It's Essential"

- LeisaQ

Out Now...

In 2022, I wrote on my vision board that I wanted to become an international best selling author before I turned 50.  Four hours later, divine intervention had me sifting through an old email address looking for an email that had been lost in cyberspace.  There in my junk box was an email from an old acquaintance Chloë Bisson titled, "Do You Want To Write a Book With Me".  The rest they say is history. 

‘Stronger Than Ever.


Stronger Than Ever is a beautiful collection of 16 women from around the globe who decided that the challenges they faced would neither break nor define us.  Instead these challenges reminded us of who we are and what we were destined to achieve 🌟✨

Join us as we take you on an insightful and powerful journey that reminds us that how we choose to deal with our challenges can truly change our lives.

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About LeisaQ

"LeisaQ, a former Financial Adviser turned Financial Lifestylist, empowers women with self-confidence and financial security tools.

She guides women through life’s financial challenges, delving into emotional well-being and illuminating paths out of darkness.


LeisaQ is an international bestselling co-author, captivating keynote speaker, and six-figure business founder. Her unique talent lies in inspiring others to rewrite their narratives and embrace the human and soul experience."




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