Release Your Past,

Embrace the Now,

Love  Your Future!


Sometimes life throws us curve balls we just never saw coming. Maybe a marriage breakdown, terminal illness, unexpected death or loss of our job security. But each time we dust ourselves off and keep moving because that’s what society tells us we have to do.

But one day when we’ve had one too many hard knocks, we wake up and think,

“How the hell did I get here?” 

If I could show you a new bullet proof way to clear out all the little (and big) things that keep getting in the way of living the life you see for yourself, would you be interested in hearing more?

I see you, I hear you, I feel you – because I used to be YOU.

Co-Author of
Stronger Than Ever 
#1 Best Seller in the UK and Australia

As the only Australian author invited to participate, co-authoring a book theme on the courage it takes to build a business whilst juggling life and all that it throws at you has been exciting, nerve-wracking and humbling all rolled into one.

Journey with me as I vulnerably share my experience during my father’s final days. Pushing myself to the limit to overcome my fear of expressing my true emotions before it was too late.

Do you feel like you’re stuck going through the motions every day but getting nowhere?

Have you given up on your hopes and dreams from earlier times?

Imagine the possibilities if you could wipe the slate clean and start afresh…

Ready to change your life?

My philosophy at LeisaQ is that clients are guided to me when they need me the most, often after a few false starts trying to go it alone.

But if you’ve found your way to me, chances are you’re ready for positive change, and I look forward to meeting you.

Whatever has been holding you back can finally be released with a guided journey back to your true self.

My mission is simple: “Empower you to invest in yourself with possibility, creating positive outcomes for the highest privilege of living the life you truly deserve.”


Leisa helped me so much through the darkest time of my life that I believe she’s the reason 18 months on that I am happy, strong, resilient, and grateful for the life I have.


Alli A

Leisa’s professional, passionate and knowledgeable approach to her work made me realise I was in the safest of hands. Her absolute belief in me and that I could achieve everything I dreamed of kept me accountable and believing in myself as much as Leisa believed in me.

Linda S.A.

I feel great referring those I love to you too! Positive environment, no judgement, very helpful information and opportunity for follow up.

Judy F

The information in this session was all very useful and relevant as well as easy to understand. I feel empowered with the knowledge to create productive changes and achieve more of my long term goals.

Lauren D

Empowering you to Live  Life by Design with Purpose” -LeisaQ

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