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Empowering you to:

Prepare > Untangle > Recover > Grow > Expand


"To Transform Into a Butterfly,

The Caterpillar Must First 

Surrender Everything It Once Was." 

- LeisaQ

My Story

From Broken to Beautiful

For years, I carried the weight of feeling broken. Every time I dared to dream, stepped out of my comfort zone, and embraced boldness and courage, life would send me right back from where I came. But it wasn’t always this way. In my early years, I delighted in carefree adventures, fearlessly pursuing my passions. The opinions of others and the naysayers held no sway over me. By the age of 35, my life had taken remarkable turns. I had explored the world, cherished a loving marriage, and welcomed two beautiful, healthy children. I felt incredibly fortunate—until the day my husband uttered those painful words: “I don’t think I can stay married to you any longer…” ​From that moment, I donned an invisible suit of armour—a mask I put out into the world, protecting me against the harshness of each passing blow. With each emotional or financial setback, I added another layer, guarding my heavy and burdened heart and soul from the world' prying eyes.  Until I could no longer feel love touch my heart. ​Yet adversity became my catalyst. Clawing my way back from financial ruin and emotional devastation, I forged two successful businesses. I even penned a best-selling book. Sempre Financial emerged from the ashes of divorce, fuelled by determination. Meanwhile, Connected to Soul was born as I delved into the depths of grief that held my heart tight like a vice.  Determined that if I had to hit rock bottom again, it would be for the last time.  Facing my shadow self, healing thy self and generational trauma spanning many lifetimes. I embrace these experiences without apology. They shaped me into the survivor I am today. Now, my purpose lies in honouring my former selves. As a guiding light, I share these hard-earned lessons with others on their own transformative journeys towards a better self.


A  New Path Awaits

If you find yourself nodding along to the experiences I’ve shared, then you’re not alone. You’ve likely:

  • Been on this journey for a while now.

  • Felt the ache of a broken heart, perhaps more than once.

  • Carried the weight of financial and emotional hangovers from those heartaches.

  • Embraced a strong sense of service—to your children, aging parents, or others.

  • Dreamed of starting your own business, seeking freedom and flexibility.

  • Explored countless avenues, invested time and money, into yourself and your career yet still sensed something missing.

  • Received promises that didn’t quite match reality.

  • Sold or taken generic online courses that failed to address your core issues.


But here’s the twist: You don’t have to stay stuck in this loop.

There’s a different path—one that leads to transformation, empowerment, and genuine support.




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