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Taking That 'One Next Step'

Updated: Apr 16

When we left off in our last blog, I began telling you how I learned to turn my back on fear and escape “The Vortex of Hell”, if you haven't read it yet, you can read it here.

Before I can tell you how I did that, I want to share another story that recently reminded me how we always hold the power within us to turn our lives around.  All we have to do is decide it is time.


Recently, I attended a Feng Shui workshop on the Year of the Wood Dragon, held by The Qi consultant’s Master Jan Leese.  Now I’m lucky to call Jan a friend, but more than that, she is a mentor and beacon of light for so many, myself included.  Jan’s work and empathetic nature helped turn my life around when I felt like despite all my best efforts, something was just not clicking into place.

I was still stuck in the repeating child support battle cycle with the Ex and so when Jan asked me, “What are your goals for doing Feng Shui in your home?” 

I simply replied, “For my ex-husband to leave me alone so I can get on with my life”.


This was critical for me, for I was about to front up to my fifth Child Support Tribunal hearing and could see myself being dragged back down the rabbit hole I had tried so many times in the past to pull myself out of.


It was in the early days of covid and also only a few short months since my younger brother ascended to heaven.  My heart was heavily weighed down with so much grief, I simply had no fight left in me.  I was praying hard for a miracle and tried not to show anyone how lonely and defeated I was feeling inside.


Within weeks of meeting with Jan, I fronted up to that Tribunal and was delighted when I a week later I received a directions letter instructing my ex-husband to submit not only his personal and business records, but that of his wife’s.  Anyone who has ever had to deal with Child Support knows what a big deal this is, because we all know that in any separation, when you want to hide money, you put it in the new partner’s name because Child Support have no legal right to pry into that person’s financial circumstances.  I have worked with many women over the years who were in the same boat but could not do anything about it.  The law is the law, but finally, I had a Tribunal judge who could overrule that law.


Sadly, the very next day, I received a letter from the Tribunal advising that my ex had withdrawn his application, and I would not get the satisfaction of finally seeing where he hid all the money.


Now why am I starting off a blog with words that could make me sound like a bitter old ex?  The purpose is for context.  Because I know there are so many others out there going through similar circumstances, but when we are in the thick of it, we either tell no one, or tell everyone.  Embarrassed or feeling ashamed that you could get yourself is such a mess, too often, we don’t let others see the true pain hiding behind the mask we show to the world.


It is my hope that by finally having the courage to start sharing my story with others, it will help those still going through the tumultuous times that come from divorce and separation, even long after the dust has settled, and the ink has dried on the divorce papers.


Anyway, back to Feng Shui and why it is important.  At this workshop, Jan highlighted that we are about to enter into new 10-year and 20-year cycles, which gave me a huge amount of comfort.  To find out more on how these cycles affect you, head over to Jan’s website The Qi Consultant.  


Now Jan always talks about the three levels of luck in Feng Shui:

  • Man luck – what we do to improve ourselves, our charitable acts, working hard, study, being kind, etc.  No-one can do it for us.

  • Heaven luck – is our DNA, the family and country we are born into.  It is our Astrology.

  • Earth Luck - is our Feng Shui, how our environment affects us; our homes – where we spend time.


I also went into a new age luck cycle just over a year ago so that’s 3 new cycles that I can start harnessing and using my man luck to build upon.


If you’re new to all this woo woo talk, you’re not alone.  A few short years ago, I would have called you crazy if you’d told me that I would leave the safety and security of my Financial Planning business to start a spiritually aligned business, especially seeing as that business was financing a very nice lifestyle. 


But here’s the thing, no amount of money or success can fill a void that is created when you’re not doing what lights you up. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying, but I have no choice, I have bills to pay, a family to feed, commitments I can’t get out of, and I get it.  I used to be you.  It took me four years wrestling with myself to finally decide to sell my business (and my secure income), to dive (again) into the deep unknown. 


Had I known the personal challenges that I was about to be rocked with, I might have never made that leap of faith.


But looking back, I am glad I did.  I may be re-starting from scratch, but at least I get to build something I love, free from any government organisation breathing down my neck like a headmaster just waiting to whack me with a big stick.


Think about the last time you were forced to start from scratch?  This could have been a divorce, losing your job, death of a loved one or a child leaving home.  Life is all about cycles, some good, some bad, but one thing is for sure, there will always be another cycle waiting on the horizon.  How you manage these cycles, well, that’s where your man luck comes into play.


It took me nearly all of the last 20-year cycle being plunged back down into the darkness each time I clawed my way back into the light to finally work out what one needs to do to stay bathing in the light and now it’s my personal mission, my life’s purpose, to bring these lessons to you.  So you too, can embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and fully embrace the wonderment of all that life can offer, if you’d only allow yourself to ask, “What is the next ‘ONE’ step I need to take?”.


Too often we want to skip to the end of the book or fast forward the movie to see how it ends. I’m hella guilty of that.  But when I learned to ask for just the next step, that’s when the magic started to unfold. 


What to know more?  Then book in for a complimentary chat to see what’s your next ‘one’ step you need to take. 


Until next time,

Love and Gratitude




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